Caverswall Extracts from Govermental Calendared (D) Publications

Curia Regis Rolls vol X 1221-1222


Pleas before the Justices of the Bench, Easter term, 5 Henry III [1221].


Dominus rex petit versus Priorem de Kenyllewrth’ medietatum advocacionis ecclesie de Stok’ ut jus suum et ut illiam unde dominus Henrici rex avus suus fuit saisitus ut de feodo et jure, ita quod presentavit quendam Vincencium Clericum, qui ad presentacionmen suam fuit admissus capiendo inde expleta ut in oblacionbus, etc; et de ipso Henrico descendit jus illius advocacionis Henrico regi filio suo et de ipso Henrico regi patri suo Richardo fratri suo et de eodem rege Ricardo Johanni regi patri suo et de eodem Johanne eidem domino regi ut filio et heredi suo.


Et prior per atornatum suum venit et defendit jus suum et saisinam domini regis avi sui; et dicit quod medietatum advocacionis ecclesie habet ipse ex dono Walteri de Kevereswell’; et profert cartam ejusdem Walteri, que testatur quod ipse dedit etc medietatum ecclesie de Stokes cum capellis et aliis pertinenciis. Profert eciam aliam cartam domini regis Henrici avi domini regis, que concedit et confirmat eias plures terras et ecclesias inter quas eis confirmat medietatem ecclesie de Stokes ex dono Walteri de Kavereswell; unde dicit quod, desicut avus domini regis confirmat ei donum illud, videtur ei quod dominus rex hoc idem ei debet warantizare.


Ex dominus rex per comitem Cestr’ atornatum suum dicit quod carta illa ei nocere non debet, quia predictus Walterus fuit ballivus domin Henrici regis avi sui et vicecomes patrie, et nuncquam habuit aliquid in terra illa de Stok’ nec saisinam de advocacione vel de terra; et ideo donum illud nullum fuit; et desicut nullum fuit, petit judicium si confirmacio avi sui debeat ei nocere quin habeat saisinam suam.


Post venit prior et dicit quod Walterus habuit terram illam et advocacionem et [sic] per concordiam factam inter eum et dominum regem; et vocat inde ad warantum Robertum de Kavereswell’ et aliciam uxorem ejus, filiam et heredem predicit Walteri. Habeat eus a die Sancti Michaelis in j. mensem per auxilium curie, etc.



Book of Fees Part II 1242-1243


Baronia Roberti de Stafford.

Baronia j. filii Alani in hoc comitatu.

Johannes Coyne cum participbus suis j. feodum in Weston’, Cavereswall’, Focebroc



Calendar of Close Rolls Henry III 1247-1251



Mandatum est vicecomiti Stafford’ quod fieri faciat perambulacionem inter terram Willelmi de Cavereswell’ in Cavereswell’ et terram Radulfi de Duvern’ in Duvern’. Teste, etc. [Willelmus de Cavereswell is also mentioned in 1262 & 1271 as being sub-sheriff of Shropshire].



Calendar of Patent Rolls Henry III  1258-1266


1261 July 9th – Tower of London

...the likes of the following to keep the following counties...& mandate to William de Kaveriswell to deliver the counties with &c.


1262 Jan 18th – Westminster

Grant for life, for a fine of 20 marks, to William de Cavereswell of the hundred of Tatemanneslowe, Co Stafford, for 15 marks a year, which hundred Robert Gaunsillee, lately deceased, held a farm for 13 marks a year.



Calendar of Liberate Rolls 1267-1272 Vol VI


1269 July 5th – Westminster

Paid 20m. delivered to William de Staunford; item 30m. delivered to the same in a tally to William de Cavereswall, Sheriff of Stafford.


1272 March 10th – Westminster

To the Sheriff of Stafford con. To let the abbot of Burton, William de Cavereswall & Robert de Grendon, late taxors & collectors of a twentieth of the county, have 100s. each without fail for expenses.



Calendar of Patent Rolls Henry III  1266-1272

1272 May 18th – Westminster

As it is found by inspection of the rolls of the chancery that on 20th April, in his thirty-fifth year the King granted to William de Caverswall that he should not be put on assizes etc. & not be made etc. & the said letters have been lost, as The King has learned he grants that William shall have the said liberty in the form aforesaid.



Calendar of Inquisitions (Miscellaneous) Vol I 1219-1307


Inq. before Reynold de Leye & Willam Bagot

William de Cavereswell holds the hundred of Tatemoneslowe for life by charter of King Henry III, rendering yearly at the exchequer 10 L.; The Sheriffs of Stafford used to have the said hundred in aid of their farm; Bogo de Knovile, when Sheriff, sustained a loss of 10 L. every year.



Calendar of Close Rolls Edward I 1279-1288


1279 April 21st – Westminster

To the Justices of the Bench. Order to deliver Robert le Venor, William Tyrel, Simon de Baynthrop, Hugh le Bulur & Hugh son of Peter, imprisoned at Flyte at the king’s suite, for the death of Richard de Caverswall, whereof Edith, late the wife of Richard, has appealed them before the Justices, in bail to mainpernors who shall mainpern to have them before Justices or elsewhere at the king’s will, to stand to right if any one wish to speak against them.



Calendar of Miscellaneous Inquisitions Vol I 1219-1307


Writ to the Sheriff of Stafford. Westminster 4th June 8 Edward I [1280].

Inquisition:- A messuage & a moiety of a virgate of land in Levedale, which William, son of Hugh, who was outlawed for felony, held, have been a year & a day in the King’s hand.


The said William held the tenements of Henry de Verdun; the said Henry, Roger de Kavereswalle, & Robert le Marescall, now hold the said messuage, & Isota late the wife of Hugh de Leverdale holds a third part of the said half virgate in dower, whereof she was dowered by the death of the said Hugh her husband, father of the said William; the said Roger & Robert, & Hugh son of Robert de Levedale, now holds two parts of the said half virgate. The township of Levedale had the year & day, & ought to answer to the King thereof.


Writ of certiorari to William Bagot. Witness: Edmund Earl of Cornwall. Westminster 3rd Feb 17 Edward I [1289] by J de Langeton.

Process & record:- Delivery of Stafford gaol, Saturday St Vincent’s Day 17 Edward I [22nd Jan 1289] before Sirs William Bagot, William de Kavereswalle, Robert de Knigtel’ & Alan de Glasee: by Sir William de Stafford, Sir Richard de Draycote & ten other jurors: John le Tayllor of Bromleye killed Henry Ball of the same in self defence: Henry attacked John in his own house & wounded him with a stake. John struck back with a stick, hitting him on the head, so that he afterwards died. John is to be remitted to prison to await the King’s grace.



Calendar of Close Rolls Edward I 1292-1302


1296 Nov 15th – Bury St Edmunds

Lincoln – To Ralph de Littelbyry. Order to be in person before the treasurer & barons of the exchequer on the eight day after St Nicholas at the latest, to do & execute those things that the treasurer & barons shall then enjoin upon him on the king’s behalf. This he is warned not to omit in any way as he (tenders) the king’s honour & his own & as he would wish to avoid the loss of all the lands, goods & chattels that he holds in the realm & the king’s lasting wrath. The like to the following...Richard de Cavereswall...[one of approximately 70 names].



Calendar of Inquisitions Edward I Vol I


Writ 17th Oct, 2 Edw I

[John de Verdun. Theobald his son is his next heir & of full age]

Stafford Inq. Monday before St Martin, 2 Edw I

Cariswell, held by William de Cariswell, rendering 5s. yearly.



Calendarium Genealogicum Edward I


Inquisitiones tempore Edw I

Willielmus de Cavereswall de hundredo de Tatemoneslowe quod idem Willielmus tenet ad termium vitae suae per chartam Henrici regis patris regis nunc.


Willielmus de Cavereswall defunctus. Breve – de medietate manerii de Athelokston quam tenuit ad terminum vitae et quam subeschaetor in comitatu Stafford’, pro voluntate sua, Johannae quae fuit uxor praedicti, Willielmi.....................[? assignavit] in dispendium et facturam Theobaldi de Verdun.



Calendar of Close Rolls Edward II 1302-1307



Henry de Cavreswall, tenant of a knight’s fee in Levedale Co Stafford, which are called ‘small fees for Stafford’.



Book of Feudal Aids 1284-1431 (Vol V)


AD 1316

Writ. Edwardus. In comitatu Staffordie sunt quinque hundreda, ut patet in sequente.

Tatemoneslowe. Rex est dominus istius hundredi, et Hugo de Audeleye, junior, illud tenant.

Villa de Cavereswall.....Domini Ejusdem Richardus de Cavereswall



Calendar of Close Rolls Edward II 1318-1323


1322 Aug 8th – Felton

To Robert Tok & William de Bircheovre, keeper of certain goods that belonged to Richard Le Foun in The King’s hands. As The King learns by inquisition taken by Richard de Wylughby & Henry de Hambury that Fulk de Penebrugge, John de Chetewynd, Walter de Hugeford, & others unknown, on Sunday after St Gregory last, took Richard le Foun at Bradeburn Co Derby, & carried him thence to the castle at Careswell, Co Stafford, & there detained him until Friday the Feast of St George following, when he died a natural death, & that he was not convicted of any trespass, felony, or rebellion...



Calendar of Close Rolls Edward II 1323-1327


1326 April 16th – Kenilworth

To The Sheriff of Stafford. Order to supersede entirely the king’s writ of judgement to place in exigent to be outlawed...William de Caveriswall [one of 10 names] who were indicted for unlawful assembles, alliances & confederations, & other trespasses before John de Stonore &John de Denum, the king’s justices appointed to enquire concerning such assembles, etc, in that county, for which they have been put in exigent, as the king learns from their complaint, because they are staying in the king’s service in the company of Ralph Basset of Drayton, constable of Dover Castle, as the king learns from the constable’s testimony



Calendar of Close Rolls Edward II 1343-1346


1343 May 10th – Westminster

William de Cavereswall acknowledges that he owes to Richard Earl of Arundel 120 marks; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands & chattels in Co Gloucester – the chancellor received the acknowledgement – cancelled on payment



Calendar of Charter Rolls Vol 5 1341-1417


Charter Roll 18 Edward III

1344 July 1st – Westminster

Grant, of special grace, to William de Careswall & his heirs of free warren in all their demsne lands of Careswall, Dilverne & Fossebrok, Co Stafford; with licence to the said William to enclose & make a park of his wood at Careswall & to hold the said park to himself & his heirs provided that the said wood be not within the metes of The King’s forest.                                                                                           by PS [16283].



Calendar of Charter Rolls – Edward III  1345-1348


1345 Nov 20th – Rockingham

Commission to Richard, Earl of Arundel, Justice of North Wales, on pain of forfeiture of all that he can forfeit, to arrest Adam de Peshalle, a common malefactor, lately attached by The King’s command, who has broken such attachment & arrest & escaped, wherever found in The King’s Lordship, whether in England or in Wales, dead or alive, so as to have his body, if he be alive, before The king wherever he shall be. All sheriffs, bailiffs, ministers & others are hereby commanded to be obedient & attendant unto him herein.

The like to the following...William de Caverswell [one of 22 names].



Calendar of Close Rolls – Edward III 1349-1354


1350 Oct 11th – Westminster

John Cuynee, Lord of Weston, acknowledges that he owes to the said Richard son of Richard (de Eccleshale) 40 l.; to be levied, etc in the said county. [Cancelled on payment].[In another close roll dated Feb 11th 1351 the spelling of Cuynee changes to ‘Coigne’].



Calendar of Patent Rolls – Edward III  1358-1361


1359 May 3rd – Westminster

Whereas Master Thomas de Langeleye by fine levied in The King’s Court lately granted for life to William de Caverieswalle & Mary his wife, now deceased, the manor of Mulcote, Co Warwick, held in chief, with remainders to Geoffrey son of Geoffrey de Langeleye, likewise deceased, & the heirs of his body, & to the right heirs of the said William, & the manor by the death of William who outlived the said Mary & Geoffrey as well as because the fine between the parties was levied without The King’s Licence, has now come into his hands, The King, for 20l l. paid to him by John son of Alan de Cherleton who has taken to wife Joan daughter & heir of the said Geoffrey, has pardoned the trespass in this behalf & granted that John & Joan shall retain the manor to them & the heirs of the body of Joan, with the issues from the time of the death of William, the remainder to the right heirs of the last named

                                                         & the 20 l. have been paid in the hanaper.



Calendar of Inquisitions Edward III Vol VII


Theobald de Verdon

Stafford. Extent (to the inquisition) Wednesday before St Denis, I Edward III

...due from the lords of Careswelle & Ipstane 10s. each...


Stafford. Extent. 27th May, 2 Edward III

...foreign rent from the lords of Careswell, Ipstanes, Neuton & Rounhal...


Stafford. Extent. 15th Sept, 5 Edward III

...10s. of free rent of assize at Cavereswalle...



Calendar of Inquisitions Edward III Vol VIII


[Thomas de Fournival]

Stafford. Extent. 10th May, 14 Edward III

...rents at Caverswall...



Calendar of Inquisitions Edward III Vol X


William de Cavereswall [or de Careswall] knight.

Writ 20th March, 33 Edward III

Warwick. Inq. Made at Stretford on Avene, Sunday after the annunciation, 33 Edward III

Mulcote – The manor, held of the king in chief by service of rendering a sore sparrowhawk or 2s. yearly.

Pynleye – The manor, held by William Maundevill by knight’s service.

Hardebarewe – 10 L. rent.

Wykene – The hamlet, held of Edward, Prince of Wales, by knight’s service.

Styvechhall – The hamlet, held of the Bishopric of Chester, service unkown.

Wolfhampcote & Hardebarewe. The advowsons of the churches held of the Lady de Burgo.

All held jointly by the said William & Mary his wife, with remainder to Geoffrey son of Geoffrey de Langeleye, & the heirs of his body; This Geoffrey died in the lifetime of William de Cavereswall, & Joan his daughter, married to John son of Alan, son of Alan de Cherleton, knight, is his heir, aged 17 years & more at Christmas last.

The said William held no otherlands &c. in the county


Inquisition Roger de Mortuo Mari, Earl of March, Hereford & The March of Wales.

Inq. taken in Hereford Castle 7th (May), 34 Edward III [Mutliated & torn away at both sides]

...& a fourth part of a knight’s fee Caverswall holds in Orleton

[Wilts] Aldrynton – A fourth part of a knight’s fee held by the heir of Hugo de Covereswall.



Calendar of Fine Rolls Vol VII 1356-1368


[Mentions]...William de Cavereswalle & Mary his wife, [Gloucester, Warwick.].


Calendar of Fine Rolls Vol X 1383-1391


1388 Nov 16th

[Mentions]...William del Morehall of Kareswall...[concerning tax payment].



Calendar of Patent Rolls – Richard II  1388-1392


1391 July 8th – Westminster

Licence, for 10 marks paid to the king by Peter de Cavereswall, knight, for the said Peter & Mary, his wife, to enfeoff Thomas Neuport, parson of Eyeton, & Thomas Corbet, chaplain, of their manor of Ercalwe, held in chief, & for the feoffees, after seisin had to regrant the same to them for their lives, with remainder to Thomas Gech & Isabella, his wife, & Thomas, son of the said Thomas Gech, & the heirs of Thomas Gech.

[This is most likely the Peter de Careswell that was Justice of the Peace in Salop].



Calendar of Patent Rolls – Richard II  1396-1399


1398 Sept 17th – Coventry

Licence, for 100s. paid to the king by Peter de Cavereswall, knight, & Mary, his wife, tenants for life of the manor of Ercalwe, with remainder to Thomas Gech, Isabell his wife, & Thomas Gech, son of the said Thomas, to release their interest in the said manor to the reversioners at the yearly rent of 50 l. with covenant for re-entry if the rent be a quarter of a year in arrear.



Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem Henry IV Vol XVIII


Robert Coyne. Inq. Tyrley 13th Dec 1400

...he held in his demesne as of fee: Weston Coyney, the manor, of the Earl of Arundel, by a rent of 6s. 8d. annual value 106s. Holme, the manor of the lord of Careswall, service unknown, annual value 46s. 2d.



Calendar of Miscellaneous Inquisitions Vol VII (1399-1422)


Inquisition taken Virtute Officii before John Delves, escheator in Co Stafford. Wrinehill. Friday after the Assumption 2 Henry V [1414].

...on Tuesday after Trinity last the following persons were put in the King’s exigent in King’s bench at Lichfield for the like cause: William Gibbes of Caverswall who then had oats growing on 1 acre of land worth 3s.; Henry Love, who then had 3 mares worth 6s.; Roger Clerk, who then had a heifer worth 4s 6d.; William Haytle, who then had a horse worth 8s.; Roger Warde, who then had household utensils worth 4.; William Chest, chaplain, who then had the like worth 7s.; & John Acton, chaplain, who then had the like worth 5s.



Calendar of Patent Rolls – Henry V  1413-1416


1414 Dec 8th – Westminster

Licence for alienation in mortmain to The Prior & Convent of St Thomas the Martyr by Stafford by John de Wolde, chaplain, & William Clerk, of a messuage & 5 acres of land in Stafford & Coton, not held by the king, by the same John & Thomas broun of Stafford, chaplain, & William Baker of Cavereswall of two tofts in Stafford, held of the king in free burgage, & by the said William Clerk & John Horsely, chaplain, of 20 acres of land & a moiety of an acre of meadow in Coton, held of the siad Prior & Convent, worth 4s. yearly, as found by an inquisition taken by Richard Norman, late escheator of The King’s father in the county of Stafford, to hold the value of 30s. yearly in part satisfaction of a licence by letters patent of Henry IV [Calendar 1408-1413 p269].



Calendar of Close Rolls Henry VI 1422-1429


1426 July 20th – Westminster

...the fourth part of one knight’s fee lately held by Richard de Caveriswallle at 25s.



Calendar of Fine Rolls Vol XV 1422-1430


1429 Dec 20th

[Mentions]...Ralph Virares (recte: vicares) of Careswall...[concerning tax payment].



Calendar of Fine Rolls Vol XVI 1430-1437


1430 Aug 28th

[Mentions]...John Parker of Stafford, late of Careswall.



Calendar of Fine Rolls Vol XVII 1437-1445


1442 March 29th

[Mentions]...Ralph Vicars of Careswall...[concerning tax payment].



Calendar of Fine Rolls Vol XVIII 1445-1452


1445 June 3rd

[Mentions]...Ralph Vikers of Careswall...[concerning tax payment].



Calendar of Patent Rolls – Vol IV Edward VI 1550-1553


1551 Nov 16th

[Reference made to]...the grange called Oldale Graunge & lands leased with it to Ralph Bolton, in the parish of Caverswall, Staff., late of Routon Monastery Staff.; also that messuage upon Whetley More with a garden & croft adjacent, & a close of pasture called Newhaye, in Caverswall, in tenure of Robert Sponer.



Calendar of Patent Rolls – Edward VI Vol V 1547-1553


1553 March 30th

...a close of meadow called le Newmedowe (3a) in tenure of John Greatebache & Helen his wife in the parish of Careswall, Staff, late of Trentham Monastery.



Calendar of Patent Rolls – Elizabeth I 1558-1560


1559 July 21st

Grant in fee simple, for his services, to George Howard, knight, the queen’s servant, of concealed lands [tenants named] as Karswall lands in the yearly value of 2s. 10d. given for a priest in Karswall church. [This entry should be treated with caution & is open to interpretation because of the preceeding & following entries. Another similar entry for a grant in simple fee, for his services, to George Howard, knight, Master of the Armoury, of Kaerswall Co Stafford is dated 4th April 1561].