Extracts from the Stoke upon Trent Parish Churchwardens Accounts 1596 – 1701 (Transcribed by A Hilton Johns. North Staffordshire Feild Club 1939 – 1940).

(endorsed) The Accompt of Bartholomew Bowyer as Churchwarden 1596 - Disbursments

Item layd out at a visitation at Carswall for my owne Dinner and a Sydmans - xijd

Item payd when we were called to Careswall for the church books - ijs iiijd

Item layd out at a visitation holden at Careswall the 5th of october My Diner and the     Sydmans - xvjd


(endorsed) The Accompt of William Addams as Churchwarden 1597 - Disbursments

Item at Careswall our dinners for one sydeman and my selfe - xxd

Item spent after at Careswall - iijs


(endorsed) Thomas Lovatt his Accompt as Churchwarden 1599 - Disbursments

 Item spent in charges at a visitacon at Careswall - ijs


(endorsed) The Accompts of Thomas Bucknall & John Hill the younger of Shelton as Churchwardens 1605 - Disbursments

Item att a visitacon at Careswall - ijs


(endorsed) The Accompt of William Turner as Churchwarden 1606 - Disbursments

Item laide oute at the visitacon at Careswall - xvd

Item I was cyted to Carswall wheare it coste mee - xixd

Item at the visitacon att Careswall - ijs vjd

Item paide for one of the sydemens dinners at Carswall vjd

Item for my charges at carswall the xiii of this Instant Maye - viijd


(endorsed) Thomas ffenton of ffenton his accompt as churchwarden

1611 - Disbursments

Carswall visitacon Aprill 19 - Imprimis layd out ffor our minister other charges & ffor a booke of articles, deliveringe & sendinge of our register to lichffield - 4s

25 Oct Ittem spent at a visitacon a carswall - 4s 6d

20 Dec Ittem payde ffor beinge cyted to carswall & my charges - 22d

27 Dec Ittem payde at Carswall Court ffor fees & to discharge my sellffe about the Churche yarde - 8d


The Accomtes of Henry Meire & Robt Crosse Churchwardens of the parish of Stoke Upon Trent Justlye Disbursed as followeth made the seconde daye of Maye 1612

Imprimis at Carswalle the first visitacon in court for horsmeat & our owne charges - iiijs vjd

Item paid at Charswall being Cyted about the porch - xd

Item paid my Charges at Carswall when I went to fache the Quorum nominum - xd

Item spent at Carswall att the visitacon at mighellmas - vjs viijd

Item my charges at Carswall being put of to present theym that would not paye ther lunes at the visitacon - xd

Item paid at Carswall  my charges  with vijth November when I went to Article agynst theym that had not paid their lunes - xd

Item I spent in Lychfyld two severall jornies staying foure nights & two dayes in comencing sute agynst Thomas Lovatt & onst to Carswall for to fach a excomm - xs

I spent at Charswall the xxiiijth Aprill 1612 at the visitacon for a booke of articles court fyes our charges & wrytinge our presentment

(The following is the last page and consists of exceptions to the accounts)

You rod twyse to Carswall being cyted but onst and there is xd to be abated unless you tell the reason


(endorsed) Thomas Broad his Accompt as Churchwarden 1613 - Disbursments

Paid at Carswall at the visitacon the second of October to the sydemen for their charges -  ijs

Item spent when I wente twyse to Carswall to prsent them that would not pay theire lunes - xvjd


(endorsed) The accompt of John Cleaton Churchwarden 1614 - Disbursments

Item at Carswall for a prsentment xd


The Accounts of Thomas Allen one of the Churchwardens of Stoake upon Trent – Disbursments

Item It cost me at Carswall being ascited for the repayring of the churchyarde in charges – viijd


The Accompte of William Bagnall & John Boulton as Churchwardens 1615 – Disbursments –

John Boulton

Expenses at the visitacon at Caverswall – xviijd

Expenses at Cavarswall at a court myself & two others – ijs viijd

At Caverswall in meeting Mr Official - ijd

Expenses at Caverswall to speake with Mr Officiall  - vjd

William Bagnall

Item Expenses at Caverswall at a court myself & two others – ijs viijd


The accompt of Rondle Woodcocke Churchwarden for the service of Nicksons land and for the parish of Stoke upon Trent 1616 - Disbursments

Item Mr Taylors visitacon at Carswall his fees – xiiijd


(endorsed) The accompte of Thomas Tittensor as Churchwarden 1617 – Disbursments

Item at Carsewall at the first visitacon the fees – xxjd

Item at a court at Carsewall the fees – xiijd

Item to Edward Elkine for carrying a certificate to Carsewall – iiijd


(endorsed) The accompt of Thomas Robinson as Churchwarden 1618 – Disbursments

Item at a court at Carsewall for fees – xiiijd

Item at the visitation at Carsewall the 12th of Januarie at a court holden there beinge called about the repare of the church – fees – xiiijd

...total 5£ xixs vjd of which  sume there is to bee abatted for the many tymes that the churchwardens & sidemen were at Carswall of there charges – ijs


(endorsed) The accompt of John Stevenson as Churchwarden 1620 - Disbursments

Item at Careswall the iijth of June at a visitation iijs iiijd

Item the xxiiijth of September at careswall at a visitation – iijs vjd


(Thomas Smith 1622 – no entries relating to Caverswall)


(endorsed) The Accompt of John Malpas as Churchwarden Maii 10 1623 – Disbursments-

Item The 26th of October at Carswall at a vesitacion the sidemen charges and mine and our presentment – iijs


(endorsed) The accompt of Richard Brassington one of the Churchwardens 1624

Item payd forth at Careswall at the first visitation for my dinner – viijd


(endorsed) The Accompte of Nicholas Barrett as Churchwarden 1626 – Disbursments

Item twice to Carswal – 12d


(endorsed) The Accompt of Richard Cartwright as Churchwarden 1627 – Disbursments

Imprimis when I went to Carsewall to take my oath – the fees in the court – xvjd

Item at the visitacon at Carsewall for fees – xvjd

Item at a court at Carsewall for fees – xiiijd


(no entries for caverswall 1628 – 1631)


(endorsed) Mr Bereton Accompt as churchwarden 1632 – Disbursments

Item at the visitation at careswall and passing our presentment there – 0-3-6


(endorsed) William Allen & William Hill – their account as Churchwardens 1633

William Hill Disbursments

7 May at a visitacon at Carswall spent – 0-1-1

16 June spent at a court at Carswall – 0-0-11

27 June at Careswall spent about the Register – 0-1-0

29 Nov paid for apparance fees Carswall – 0-2-6

18 Dec at Carleswall geven & [...] for an order – 0-3-0 ob.


22 April at Carswall spent – 0-1-5

22 May at Carswall spent for Mr Beardmore the new churchwarden William Allen & my owne dinner – 0-4-4

William Allen 1633 Disbursments

paid at Carswall when we went about the lunes – 0-1-0


(endorsed) Mr John Murralls Account as Churchwarden 1635 – Disbursments

Item at the visitation for Mr Beardmores and my dinner at Careswall - 1s 4d

Item given to aparitor that assisted me to Careswall about the churchyard fence – 6d

Item spent at Carswall at a visitation for the dinners of Mr Beardmore John Lovatt Richard Meere John Bowyer Rondle Mayne & myselfe – 2s 6d


(endorsed) Roger Machens accompt as churchwarden 1641 – Disbursments

ffor my owne charges and the sidemans at Carswall – 0-2-0

ffor my charges at a court at Carswall – 0-1-0

ffor my charges at a court at Carswall – 0-1-0


(endorsed) The Accompt of Thomas Hill, one of the churchwardens 1641 - Disbursments

paid Roger Machen at a visitacon at Careswall xijd


(no entries for caverswall 1642 – 1649)


(endorsed) Roger Machen (the elder) senior churchwarden his accompt 1649 – Disbursments

Item for my expenses & charges at Stafford, Careswall & divers monethly meeting before the justices at Newcastle about the parish businesse – 00-05-00


(no entries for caverswall 1652 – 1649)